Glorious Days LP cover
Artist Info

Label: Self-released (Off-Label Records)
Genre: Soul / Funk / Rock & Roll / Garage / Punk / Fusion
Hometown: Berlin / Rome
Members: Eight (8)

Recent Press

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Sottoterra Rock Zine (IT)


Bridging the divide between Soul, Funk, Garage, Punk and Rock & Roll may seem like a tall order on paper – but as audiences across Europe attest, MAIORANO do it with gusto.

With their sound so difficult to define, and a name initially tricky to pronounce (it’s My-Oh-Ra-No, if you were wondering), it’s a welcome relief that the music is so easy to love. This is especially true of their live performance, as charismatic frontman Alex commands the stage with a missionary zeal while the band delivers tight rhythms, soulful grooves and soaring brass backing.

Following a busy 2018 which saw the band touring Italy, Spain, France & Germany to promote the release of the critically-acclaimed LP ‘GLORIOUS DAYS‘ (recorded in Rome with Giuda producer Danilo Silvestri), MAIORANO spent 2019 electrifying audiences at festivals and clubs across Europe & Australia with a preview of tracks due to appear on the 2020 follow-up release.